Wedding trip to Moscow

After the wedding, there should always be a honeymoon trip.
I am well aware that not everyone can afford to go to hot countries for various reasons. Some people don’t have enough vacation days, some people can’t leave the country, and some people just wanted to visit Moscow for a long time.

Wedding trip to Moscow

Moscow is a great place for a wedding trip. You can watch the sunset over Moscow with a glass of wine from a bird’s-eye view from one of the towers of Moscow City. You can take a boat ride along the walls of the Kremlin. And how many restaurants and clubs in Moscow and do not count.

фотосъемка в Царицыно

We can arrange a beautiful wedding shoot in the interiors of the Turandot restaurant or the Tsaritsyn Palace…..

Фотосъемка на свадьбу в ресторане Турандот фотограф Алексей Никольский

And you know that you can not only have a wedding trip, but also a real wedding in Moscow. Is it possible to organize a holiday without leaving your city? And I’ll help you with that.

If you decide to go on a wedding trip to Moscow or accidentally passing through our wonderful city, then I will be happy to help you arrange a photo shoot against the background of the sights of Moscow.

In any weather, I am ready to show the city where I was born and live, which I know and which I love.

Dates must be agreed upon in advance. We can’t always get to all locations if you order a shoot the day before

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